• The solution provides a modern infrastructure with high-speed internet connections, DDoS safeguards and full antivirus and anti-spam protection.

  • We would like to kindly inform that for your convenience a mechanism has been implemented that allows you to reset the password to the mailbox by the owner. It is an unparalleled solution on the Polish market of cloud services, completely safe for the organization and its employees.

    We encourage you to read the instructions and if you have any questions, we are ready to provide them.

  • Our services in the field of hosting the Microsoft Exchange platform have already appeared in Africa and exactly in the area of Aligieria. The offer as well as the range of services is ideally suited for one of the leading construction companies in this country.

  • We provide a dedicated solution for the dedicated Microsoft Exchange 2019 infrastructure with Microsoft Active Directory. Currently, no company on the Polish market as well as Microsoft Office 365 was not able to meet all the requirements set by the client.

    The optimization of the platform and the flexibility of the offered tools allowed the platform to be adapted to the requirements of safety, performance and functionality, meeting 100% of all requirements set for us.