Advantages solution

Advantages of the Exchange solution in our cloud

We will adapt the Microsoft Exchange server to your needs, even in the common version. You will receive an individual carer who will help you solve your problems.
All infrastructure is our property, so we prepare a solution dedicated to you.
As you call us, we respond and solve your problems on a regular basis and do not refer to another support line.
We give you full functionality of the e-mail platform for a 30-day free trial period.
Service management capabilities extended with additional elements that you are not able to get in Office 365

Additional applications

We give you many additional solutions that you will not find in Office 365 or your own platform.
Each user of our services can independently change the password to the mailbox using an authorized SMS code without help.
The advanced HelpDesk system allows you to efficiently and quickly handle your requests for changes, help in settings and answers to common questions.
The system of managing the automatic insertion of footers for postal messages. Unification of the template and personalization depending on the department.
Management through the HostManager system allows you to create your own organization within the cloud.

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All you need.
Our highly qualified staff continuously cares about the highest quality of services. Continuous monitoring allows to predict potential threats in many situations and effectively eliminate them.

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