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The Microsoft Exchange program allows you to perfectly adapt your functionality to specific needs while maintaining full control and security. It allows you to transfer your services from any provider to the infrastructure in a very short time. Simple to use, browser-based system allows you to manage advanced features. Secure mail for businesses has extensive protection against data loss. Role-based access control facilitates effective program management. Thanks to the local archiving functions in Microsoft Exchange, for large mailboxes, users can store data in one location without having to perform local archiving. Microsoft Exchange provides easy e-mail support.
Exchange Security


Microsoft Exchange significantly improves the communication within the organization by using efficient and effective tools. Perfectly integrated services in areas such as Microsoft Lync and Microsoft SharePoint guarantee delivery of all important information to all people in a given area of the organization. Thanks to the inbox, which allows you to configure rules tailored to your needs and focus on relevant, relevant information, you can do even more and faster. Thanks to the group inbox, calendar and conversations, teams can organize their own work and effectively carry out tasks. With Outlook for iOS and Android or the Outlook application on the Web, you can access content, conversations, tasks and schedules from a variety of devices.

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