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The solution allows the platform to be implemented on the client's private resources.
System on your media

System on your media

Only with us we will install servers on media you own. It will give you 100% security.
The solution checked by the largest law firms in Poland. The platform meets the requirements for many certifying institutions.


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Enterprises have different regulations and challenges when it comes to security and control. That's why we offer the Private Cloud service and our flagship product Microsoft Exchange 2016 in a private version that is flexible enough to meet the organization's unique challenges and offers new e-mail capabilities in the company that were previously not possible in public or shared clouds, such as :

More integration: the private Exchange email cloud enables you to integrate your corporate email with internal systems and legacy applications, giving you more control over your data, applications and services.
Customization options: Exchange Email in a private cloud is often the only personalization choice that provides flexibility in meeting specific IT needs.
Increased security and privacy: in the private cloud, customer data can be found on a dedicated server. The supplier can adjust certain security parameters and has more room for additional privacy measures.
Flexible costs: a private cloud can be hosted by the provider or locally using subscriber equipment - which eliminates the need for migration.
Better control: thanks to the Private Cloud Exchange service, you can customize the data replication environment and enable disaster recovery.

Chmura na Twoich warunkach, a nie na warunkach sprzedawcy

When considering switching to a cloud or evaluating a standard cloud solution on the market, keep in mind that private clouds offer customization and integration features that can increase data security and privacy. Thanks to our cloud, our clients are not restricted by the seller's terms and conditions, which apply to all their clients (shared cloud) operating on universal terms that suit all clients or all rules.

Instead, we build private cloud solutions that are tailored to the needs of your company, to meet the growing and changing needs, let you focus on your business and what distinguishes you from the competition.

Which cloud conditions can be customized using the Private Cloud Exchange in the host-exchange service?

  • The product offer: we offer not only Exchange Email in a private cloud, but also Skype for Business and Sharepoint and over 20 necessary cloud computing services, so that you can design the perfect solution for productivity and communication for your company.
  • Disaster recovery: some enterprises require the ability to copy company data to a second data center located in a different geographic location. With the Private Cloud Exchange service, you can get a customizable data replication environment that allows you to choose multiple options in terms of the number of sites you have and how to replicate them.
  • Service level and support: we can discuss your needs, as well as guarantee over 99.999% SLA and Worry-Free ExperienceTM. You can have a dedicated Strategic Customer Service Manager who knows your challenges well and is always available to answer your questions and analyze new requirements.
  • Customizations and integrations: you can connect to an email cloud while continuing to use your most important applications to get the perfect combination of security and scalability.

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